Information to assist with organizing, standardizing credits, and links to individual guild initiatives.

Standardized Credits

The Berne Convention, United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and national law in many countries accord creators a moral right to be acknowledged as author of their work.

Digital Media

The technological shift to digital media production and distribution is an opportunity for the democratization of creation for writers. IAWG members are responding to this development.


One of the most exciting developments for TV writers is the evolution of the professional showrunner, a position that gives writers more control over the creative vision.


Organizing writers to take collective action to achieve a common goal is a key function of IAWG member guilds, even in jurisdictions where formal trade unions are not allowed ...

Script Registration Services

Script registration offers writers peace of mind when submitting material, but should not be confused with copyright, the laws around which are not universal.

The Writer at Film Festivals

A mutual goal of the IAWG and FSE is to broaden the festival spotlight usually cast on directors and actors so that more than the edges alone illuminate writers.